Sui-ren, a group of people promoting arts through dance, was formed in Koenji, Tokyo in 1996. We are composed of passionate people aiming to preserve Japanese culture through our traditional dance and music. Every year our team joins Koenji Awa-Odori Festival and Kagura-Zaka Awa-Odori Festival. Moreover, we are also one of the official teams in Koenji. We hope everyone will gladly anticipate and witness Sui-ren’s performance.


『“Stylish Dance, Exciting Music and Chic Friends”』
This is our slogan. While we try to preserve traditional Japanese dance and music, we also try to add modern essence in them. One of the highlights of our dance routine is the fan performance. Sui-ren is also known for its uniquely Rock ’n’ Roll taste. If you are interested, please visit our official FB and Instagram.


About the writer

Mayuko Kurosaka
She is a member of Sui-ren. She is a flutist. She's been performing for more than 6 years for the group. She was born in Kawagoe an old city in Saitama. She learned to play traditional instrument when she was a young or a kid. She works as a freelance writer.